Innovation Strategy

Today innovation has become the name of the game. To borrow the more direct words of others: Innovate or die. And although we would all like to be pumping out epiphanies on a daily basis, keeping our organizations a step ahead at all times, it is easier said than done. We believe that with the right problem definition, stimulus and group of contributors that we can help foster innovative thinking to tackle a specific problem. As a result, we have developed a set of tools and process, dictating timelines, participants and pre-work unique to Sparktures, to get innovative thinking in motion. This methodology has been tested and refined over the last decade, across a broad range of categories and in the face and even broader range of problems to be tackled.


Organizational Design

Organizational design can be a significant catalyst for higher performance in complex business environments. By creating direct alignment between the organization, strategy, and operations, the performance of people within the business is enhanced with corresponding benefits to results.

Study after study shows that organizations with greater gender parity in their leadership ranks, and diversity of perspective within their workforce, outperform their peers in generating value and growth. Equality and inclusion aren’t just buzzwords for a website, one-pager, or investor brochure - they are critical elements of successfully doing business in today’s world.

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Recruitment Strategy

Many organizations are experiencing ‘the gender leadership gap.’ This gap does not simply show up in a photo op – it shows up in everything from the organization’s products and services, to its management and leadership style, to its bottom line. The leadership gap represents a lack of diversity of perspective, ideas, insight, and experience, all of which create very real impact on the organization’s success.

If you are looking to bridge the gap, we can help you think about your recruitment strategy. This means everything from helping you think through your team’s needs and high-level strategy to attract the right people to your organization, to crafting the right job description for the roles you’re recruiting for.