A world in which the workplace is optimized for equality and inclusion.



Purpose motivates people in a way that
pursuing profits alone never will.

Why we do business is just as important as what we do in business. An organization without purpose manages people and resources, while an organization with purpose mobilizes people and resources. Purpose is a key ingredient for a strong, sustainable, scalable organizational culture. It’s an unseen-yet-ever-present element that drives an organization. It can be a strategic starting point, a product differentiator, and an organic attractor of users and customers.



Equality and inclusion are foundational
to building and running a successful business.

While correlation does not equal causation - greater gender and ethnic diversity in corporate leadership does not automatically translate into more profit - the correlation indicates that when companies commit themselves to diversity & inclusion, they are more successful. They are better able to win top talent and improve their customer orientation, employee satisfaction, and decisionmaking, among other things. This all leads to a virtuous cycle of increasing returns, sustainable growth, and ultimately, long-term business success.



The workplace - and world - becomes better when we design it with equality in mind.

We need purposeful, values-driven organizational cultures. We need more women in leadership positions. We need companies taking creative approaches to reducing their employees’ unconscious biases. We need more gender diversity in male-dominated industries. We need discrimination and harassment to be non-existent in the workplace. If we’re going to achieve all of this, we need to use the best in research-backed design thinking and adopt transformative innovation mindsets.

That’s how we catalyze change.